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State Marshal Robert Miller
​New Haven County Marshal

Serving New Haven County for Over 60 Years


State Marshal - Process Server - Evictions - Collections

 The office of State Marshal Robert Miller has been servicing the legal community for 47 years. First as Jacob Miller Deputy Sheriff until 1989 then as Robert Miller Deputy Sheriff and now as State Marshal. Specializing in difficult work. We have four full time office staff headed by sister Eve Miller who has been managing the office since 1978. We have 4 people serving subpoenas & notices to quit & 3 other Marshal's serving all other process. We do Tax Collections, Bank Executions, Wage Executions, Property Executions, Boat Seizures, Pre-Judgment Remedies, Motions for Contempt & Modifications, Evictions, Injunctions, Restraining Orders, and all Federal and out of state service of process. We will be happy to furnish you with references upon request. Our office is available for night work, weekend work and stakeout work. We identify mistakes quite often in the drafting of writs and complaints because of our vast experience we work together with the legal community to best serve your clients by coming up with cost effective solutions to your service problems. We also work directly with numerous landlords and other individuals who don't wish to use the services of an attorney. Our offices have been involved with many high profile and unique cases including seizure of a Metro North Commuter train, seizure of 2 Amtrak Locomotives, seizure of a Greek Freighter in New Haven Harbor, Arrest of Vessel, Attachment of a horse, eviction of a child pornography ring, publications of notices all over the world.